Lunch Bunch

A great way to make the fun last longer!

Your children will love lunch bunch. It’s their very own social hour…and an easy solution if you need a little extra time in the day.

Starting the third week in September, Knollwood will offer Lunch Bunch by reservation only. The sign-up sheet is located in the main office.

Hours: 12:15 (dismissal time) to 1:15

Cost: $8 per child, per day.

(Open only to children enrolled at Knollwood)

Normal schedule for Lunch Bunch will be Monday – Friday

  • Reservations will be taken on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so you can schedule Lunch Bunch as needed.
  • The program will be open only to children enrolled at Knollwood.
  • Pre-registration is a must so we can plan sufficient staff. The staffing for the Lunch Bunch will be 8 to 1 with a minimum of two teachers per session.
  • The time will include lunch (provided by parent), quiet time, stories and play. Lunch should be simple and child friendly-no hard to open packages, etc. Please do not send in items which require heating.
  • Payment must accompany registration.

Sorry, we cannot guarantee refunds if your plans change. We arrange staffing based on registration.

Plan now for your child to be part of the fun. They’ll enjoy “lunch dates” with their school friends.

To simplify payment, Lunch Bunch punch cards are available at the preschool office in $8 increments.